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Thyroid Disorders
Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy Seminars

Non-Members Welcome

Tuesday December 4th at 12:00 pm
Lakewood Ranch Golf and Country Club
7650 Legacy Blvd Lakewood Ranch Fl
Wednesday December 12th at 12:00p
Celebration Golf Club
701 Golfpark Dr Celebration Fl


ALL ATTENDEES ALSO RECEIVE DRS. LANZISERA'S NEW BOOK "Stem Cell Therapy - Understanding this Revolutionary Care"

To Reserve Complimentary Seating call 813 253-2333 or 833 831-4395

Call 813-253-2333 to register for complimentary seating or CLICK HERE

LANZISERA CENTER , 17  Davis Blvd. Suite 304, Tampa, Fl 33606                                                                          813-253-2333
(813) 253-2333
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How Can My Blood Tests be Normal
...but I have all these symptoms?
I Take Thyroid Medication
...but I still have most of my symptoms. Why?
Lanzisera Center

17 Davis Blvd #304
Tampa Fl 33606